10/25-  I got back from Ireland not having met Bono, yet.  I was able to get two radio interviews on Phantom 105.2 which went exceptionally well.  Also, I spoke with Candida Bottaci at Principle Management about the project and she gave me names and addresses of people to contact in order to get licensing rights for the show.   

I also visited Principle Management to drop off my Teaser Trailer for the Documentary where I met and gentleman named Jerry.  He told me he had heard about me and though he could take the video, he was "aware of the good work [I'm] doing".  This means that not only is Principle Management aware, but they seem to be on my side!  One step closer... 

10/10- I'm going to Ireland to make a documentary about finding Bono in order to get his consent for U2's music and lyrics to be used in my production of "Where The Streets Have No Name".  I already have an interview lined up with Phantom 105.2, a prominent radio station in Dublin.  The goal is to get the word out about what I'm trying to accomplish and get the "common man" on my side.  I'll be going around Ireland interviewing the people about their thoughts on U2, their impact on the national psyche, and their humanitarian projects. Then talk to them about my humanitarian project and if they believe it would be a good match.  Then go to Principle Management and ask for three minutes of Bono's time to pitch him the idea.

I've already sent Principle Management three letters with information on my project and my last letter informed them of my impending arrival.  I very much look forward to meeting with them.
The U2 Musical


This is our current arrangement for "Miracle Drug" to give you an idea of the direction we are going.
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