The U2 Musical
My Mission
I started writing "Where The Streets Have No Name" with the intent of making a good show that had social relevance.  Two months after my second draft, the ONE Campaign was launched and I had a new goal and a new Mission: Help change the world.  To have art influence the hearts and minds of those who have not yet asked, "Does Africa really matter?"  I believe it does because the people do.

My plan is to have a booth for The ONE Campaign outside of every show, just like at a U2 concert.  That way people can simply give their name and email address in order to use their voice and affect change.  Also, link all the merchandise to Product (RED).  That way if someone buys a t-shirt, a hat or a cast album, money is being raised for AIDS medicines and vaccines- every show.  People can save lives-Every Show! 
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