The U2 Musical
Where The Streets Have No Name


An Irish Priest and a Southern Evangelist travel to Africa separately, and for completely different reasons only to find themselves falling in love with the same woman amidst the chaos of a near civil war in a mining community.


Hoping to continue his mentor's missionary work, Father Jonathan O'Shea travels to Africa, only to discover his friend and mentor has died in a city which has lost its soul.  After meeting Zacharias Solomon, a shifty traveling evangelist and his band leader Cappy, Father Jonathan is befriended by Samuel, an all knowing bartender who helps Father Jonathan find his voice in the strange new land.  Samuel also helps Father Jonathan admit his true feelings about Imani.  Imani is a beautiful African woman with dreams of becoming a doctor but will settle for being a nun if it means she can help her people's suffering.

Yet, while Father Jonathan seeks to bring Imani a doctor so Imani can learn new medicines, Zacharias secures her a position in a nursing program.  Still, both men find Imani's Mama yet another obstacle they- and Imani- must face.  

But how can any of these circumstances be resolved in a place where tribal factions are fighting for control of the city's mines and the people are the ones caught in the middle?  Is "love" really the answer?  And can anything truly be certain in a place "... where the streets have no name"?   

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